Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Kumbabishegam (Consecration) on 09.02.2017

Consecration was performed on the auspicious day of 09.02.2017. Devotees had  dharshan and blessings of Sree Rukmini, Bhama samedha Venugopalaswamy, Sree Seetha pirattiyar Samedha Sayanaramar, Almighty Vishnu and Goddess Thayar.

என்றென்றும் இறை  பணியில் அடியேன் தாசன்   G. ரவிச்சந்திரன் .

The view of Rajagopuram before renovation is also given below for informaion.

Rajagopuram before starting Renovation

Rajagopuram after Renovation. Painting work started

Entrance of the Rajagopuram

Sothside View

Northside View

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Rajagopuram Renovation at Final Stage - Sri Kamadchi Paskaraswamigal Hindu Service Society Formally inagurated

Dear Devotees,

With the  grace of almighty and with the blessings of the German Swamigal,  the renovation work of the 15th century Rajagopuram work is progressing. It is heartening to note that the devotees  generally take interest in the leela vibhoothi of Lord Vishnu as Sri Krishna and Sri Rama not come forward to take part in the restoration of the heritage Temple. It is also heartening that this is the first time the Rajagopuram  of the monument get plastering work and 7 Kalasams are going to be fixed for consecration.  The date for consecration is fixed on 09/02/2017.

To complete the final stage of the Rajagopuram and 7 feet high compound wall around the Temple a Service Society is formed and formally registered [ Reg. No: 65 / 2015] . The Society will also  take care of the future maintenance of the Temple Premises and up-keeping of the Rajagopuram, Sanctum Sanctorium, 50 feet high Unjal mandapam and daily pooja requirements and also to perform yearly Brahmotsavam in the Temple.

The other notable objects of the Society ae as follows:

1. To feed the poor in the surrounding village area of he Temple.

2. To start Vedic classes in the Temple premises to educate the Hindu values in the minds of young generation.

3. To help the poor students to continue education

Those who wants to take part in the Temple renovation , Brahmotsavam or in any social cause may send contribution to the society by means of cheque or DD mentioning the purpose. The Society will send the performance report periodically. The bank details of the Society are given below:

Bankers: Indian Bank Kurinjipadi

Savings Bank A/c No: 6414549991

IFSC No: IDB000K060

Address of the Society:

Sri Kamadchi Paskaraswamigal Hindu Service Society

Sri Venugopalaswamy Temple Premises, Venkatampetai,

Kurinjipadi Taluk, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu.

Pin Code: 607302

Pictures showing the present stage of the renovation given below:




Wednesday, 16 December 2015

After completion of Seventh stage work of Rajagopuram

Rajagopuram after the Renovation of seventh sage - Side view
Rajagopuram after the Renovation of seventh sage - Font view

Inner side of the Rajagopuram- All seven sages

Monday, 7 September 2015


Renovation work at Sri Venugopala swamy Temple is progressing well and it is nearing to completion stage. As a mark of yet another effort by the German  Kamatchi Swamigal, a Hindu  Service Society is Registered   to take care and  up-keeping the temple after consecration. It is an objective of the Society  to take up renovation of  other historical temples with heritage value in Tamil Nadu. Towards this 20th September is the landmark day to start the New Society at Venkatampeai.  53rd Birth Day of the Swamigal is also celebrated  on 20.09.2015 in the German Bhaskara Swamigal Madam at Venkatampettai. All are welcome.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Work - in- Progress and completion status for the Fifth Stage

View of the East side of the Rajagopuram after completing 5th stage

View of the West side of the Rajagopuram after completing 5th stage

View of the North side of the Rajagopuram after completing 5th stage

View of the South side of the Rajagopuram after completing 5th stage

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Further work - in - progress for 4th stage of the Rajagopuram

After completion of 4th stage- one side view

After completion of 4th stage- one side view

After completion of 4th stage- one side view